Hey there friend! Welcome to my site. My name is Nafeu and you can learn more about who I am here. I created this website for the purpose of sharing lessons that I have learned and fostering discussions about topics like growth-mindset, productivity, full-stack web development, music production, midi-controllerism, mental health, etc.

Do I have a plan? Not entirely. My last experience with blogging was in 2005 and it was on the most professional blogging platform ever created called MSN Spaces (just kidding it wasn’t professional, and its been decomissioned for years, you can read about it here).

I was in fifth grade at the time and the content of my blog consisted mostly of novice artwork I had made in Photoshop and posts about a stuffed animal I had that had posable joints.

Although I’ll never be able to top the content quality of that blog, I hope you find something on this site that is of interest or of help. If you have an questions feel free to shoot me an email at nafeu.nasir@gmail.com.