About Me

Hacking into the mainframe circa 2004

I am an innovative and creative thinker with a passion for challenging work in cloud, full-stack software development, design, UX, and open-source technologies. I’m a strong communicator and presenter with hands-on experience building robust web applications, modern front-end UIs, complex API integrations and realtime applications that communicate across a multitude of technologies. I am comfortably versed in continuous integration and test-driven development practices.

I also love reading, creating generative art in Processing, making music and playing video games, here are some quick facts:

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* List of proficient skills with deeper focus in bold
Node.js, ReactJS, Redux, Lodash, Python, Django, JavaScript, GraphQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, jQuery, AngularJS, Socket.io, D3.js, Express.js, Jest, Mocha, Chai, Grunt/Gulp/Webpack, bash, Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Mongoose, TFS, git, SVN, Clojure, ClojureScript, Leiningen, Reagent, Reframe, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, AWS EC2/RDS/S3, Google Cloud, Heroku, IBM Cloud/Watson APIs, LaTeX, PHP, Wordpress, Java, C#, ASP.NET MVC, Loggly, Bugsnag, Sentry, Travis CI, Circle CI, Botkit, Electron.io, REST, OAuth, JWT, Bootstrap, Material UI, Flexgrid, Raspberry Pi, ST3, Visual Studio, Jekyll, Processing, Postman

Work Experience

Full Stack Developer - Pelmorex Corp., Toronto, Ontario – January 2019 to Present

Software Developer – DIVE Networks, Toronto, Ontario – Sep 2016 to Sep 2017

Software Developer (RA / Part-Time) – University of Toronto, Centre for French & Linguistics, Scarborough, Ontario – Aug 2016 to May 2018

Bluemix Specialist – Ecosystem Development – IBM Canada, Markham, Ontario – May 2016 to August 2016

Full Stack Web and Application Developer – Three Point Turn Inc. Toronto, Ontario – Jun 2014 to Jan 2016


Volunteering and Community Involvement

Tech Enthusiast, Organizer - Introspective Code, Toronto, Ontario – August 2014 to Present

Introspective Code is a code mentorship, hobbyist and networking community which was brought together by myself and one of my greatest mentors (who happens to also be my older brother) Shahriyar Nasir. The community emerged in early 2014 when I noticed a few close friends of mine were seeking a common form of hands-on guidance in full-stack web and application development. The cohort that formed was a mix of 2nd year Computer Science, Statistics and Computer Engineering students from University of Toronto who at the time were seeking (or had just entered) their first serious software internship.

Since Shah had already graduated from University of Toronto’s Computer Science program and had a few years of software engineering experience under his belt, he offered his time and expertise to help us get our feet off the ground. For the next few months he organized/led workshops for us which he hosted in his office building’s meeting space at Nulogy.

Half a decade later, students and friends from our cohort now work in intermediate/senior software development positions at companies like Microsoft, Google, Scotiabank, RBC, Pelmorex Corp, 1Password, and more. Our community now mainly exists through our Slack channel where new members are joining every few months.

Check out our github organization page here.

Nourishment Volunteer – Recreation Therapy – West Park Healthcare Centre, Toronto, Ontario – August 2013 to December 2014


Honours Bachelor of Science - Double Major in Computer Science and Linguistics, University of Toronto


I’ve been producing progressive breaks, progressive house, drum & bass, chill and IDM/Glitch since I was 9 years-old (2004) and have continued with my passion for music ever since. I’ve put out 70+ original works (including 5+ album/ep releases) under the artist name Phrakture and have gotten support from artists/DJs like Jaytech, Solarstone, Matt Darey, Andy Moor, and more (here is a shoutout from Solarstone himself).

More recently, I’ve been releasing indie-electronic, nusoul, chilltrap and chillwave music under the artist name Nafeu and have had my work featured on Chill Masters.

I’ve done some contracted work for Flixel, producing music for their videos Lindsey Adler Shoots a Wedding Cinemagraph and The Flixel Startup Story. I’ve also contributed a custom percussion pack for ORION: Step Sequencer, created a ton of midi controllerism, beatboxing, performance, and production tutorial videos on my YouTube channel youtube.com/phrakture, and released a few free sample packs on Freesound. I have also been featured on OverClocked Remix for my remix of “Foregone Destruction” from the Unreal Tournament Soundtrack.

My main DAW is Cubase but I heavily incorporate Ableton for sound design. I specialize in warm melodies, deep 5th & 7th chord atmospheres, glitch edits and layered basslines. I’m a frequent user of some of the classic Native Instruments VSTs like Pro-53, FM8, Reaktor, Battery, Massive, etc. I also love incorporating live guitar, vocals, and field recordings.

You can check out some of my work at the following links:




Personal or Software Related: nafeu.nasir@gmail.com
Music Licensing or Remix Inquiry: phrakturemusic@proton.me